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Core Competencies

Maximizing the value of your hospitality brand and assets.

Azur Hotels & Resorts boasts over 25 years in hotel management, with an inclusive working environment for our associates, equal employment opportunities for our talents, sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our experiences highlight the value of brand loyalty that comes with effective management and excellent relationships with employees, business partners, and the business community. 

We strive to provide exceptional experiences while adhering to international hospitality etiquette and magnifying it with Egyptian culture for our guests while providing an excellent work environment for our diverse workforce and leading the hospitality market with the utmost standards and values.

Hotel Operations Management

Hospitality management and operations are the foundation on which Azur Hotels & Resorts was built, with a rich history in delivering innovative solutions for hospitality and tourism businesses around the globe, focused on market research and best practice management techniques.

Revenue Management

Yield management is the determinant method, Azur Hotels & Resorts will bring its strong revenue management system and proactive team to constantly improve the pricing strategy and inventory management, perform long-range forecasting and demand generation analysis, and leverage all of the other approaches to help drive market share and profitability.

Profit is the ultimate objective, and Azur with its up-to-date accounting platform systems and financial experts will look closely at data to control expenses and increase cash flows. 

Sales & Marketing

Driving top-line revenue is the most critical goal, and it is one of the core competencies of Azur Hotels & Resorts. Azur can always achieve a strong RevPAR through different distribution channels and marketing platforms. Its sales and marketing team will proactively analyze a hotel’s sales potential and develop strategic marketing plans to create a better approach toward targeting different segments.

Customer Satisfaction 

Guest experience is the core principle, and Azur has always succeeded to meet guest expectations by utilizing time-tested operational processes. Our customer relations team and experienced staff will provide best-in-class customer service, which begins and ends with a safe and healthy environment to directly increase customer satisfaction. 

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